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Why Choose 11 Plus Test Kingston?

Tailored Test Content

Our tests are crafted by subject matter experts to closely mirror actual 11 plus exam content and format. Gain exposure to relevant material that directly aligns with what you'll encounter on an exam day at any selective school.

Focused Exam Skills

We emphasise the development of essential exam-taking skills such as time management, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Build your child’s confidence and sharpen their abilities to excel under pressure.

Strategic Timing

Our familiarisation tests are strategically timed in late August, just before the start of the Autumn term exams. By offering tests closer to the actual exam period, we ensure that preparation remains fresh and relevant. Students will benefit from a timely opportunity to assess their readiness and make final adjustments before entering the exam season with confidence.

Authentic Exam Experience

Unlike other familiarisation tests, we replicate the entire exam experience—from the moment students arrive at the gate, to the moment they are dismissed. Our aim is to immerse them in a realistic testing environment that closely mirrors an actual 11 plus test. By recreating every aspect of a test day, we ensure students feel completely prepared and familiar with what to expect when they sit for the real exam.